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Technical Screener (EOD)

Stock Technical Screener for Indian Markets: Choose the technical indicators from the below technical screener to narrow down the search results. Multiple Technical Indicators can be selected to refine the search results.
You can also SAVE your Screening queries for future reference. Upgrade your account to get automated SMS and email alerts for the scrips (My Watchlist) which meets your screening options.
Select your screening options and click on Save Screener.
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Sector Stocks 52 Week High 52 Week Low Market Cap
Change Weekly Returns Monthly Returns Yearly Returns Relative Volume (20 days)
EMA 20 EMA 50 EMA 200 Average Volatility Delivery Percentage 50 Day SMA
RSI ADX Mfi Cci 20 William %R
Bollinger Band(%) Bollinger Band Vs Price Volatility Delivery Percentage Technical Score
Moving Averages PSar Macd Center Line Macd Signal Line Fractal
Open Interest Swing Move Support/Resistance (Pivot) Plus/Minus DI High/Low Analysis
Stock Price Candle type Day Volume Gap Up Down Analysis Stoch (14,3,3)
Super Trend Ichimoku Trend Ichimoku Crossovers Ichimoku Chikou Span Ichimoku Kijun-Sen
Misc Ichimoku Misc Filters TenkanSen TenkanSen - KijunSen TenkanSen KijunSen vs Cloud
CandleStick Patterns Price - VWAP Low Analysis High Analysis Divergence
Delivery Quantity 50 Day SMA PatternsNEW  
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As on: 24/05/2017 13:29:59
Stocks Volume (In Millions) 52 Week
Nifty 9355.2
Bank Nifty 0.0
Advanced: 262 Declined:1143 126.88Volume of Stocks Price Moving Upwards 734.61Volume of Stocks Price Moving Downwards Highs: 9 Lows: 62
-30.97 -0.33%
0 0.0%