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Features Basic Membership Premium Membership Premium Plus Membership
CHARTS : Live Cash/Future Charts (Day Candle and 5/15/30/60 min Candle), Buy/Sell (Bullish/Bearish) Technical Signals on Chart Included Included Included
TECHNICAL SCREENERS : Day Candle - Real Time ,Intra-Day Technical Screeners 5/15/30/60 Minute Candle, EOD. SMS and Email alerts on Saved Screeners.
Fundamental Screener

(Without Premium Screening Options such as Divergences, Candlestick, Ichimoku, Fractal, SuperTrend etc)


Weekly and Monthly Tick Also supported


Weekly and Monthly Tick Also supported, BackTest screeners of 5/15/30/60 Minute Candle, MultiTime screening options available

GANN :Gann Square of 9 calculator Included Included Included
Watchlist Included

Upto 50 scrips


Upto 500 scrips


Upto 500 scrips

PATTERNS : Head & Shoulder, Inv H&S, Double/Triple Top/Bottom
DIVERGENCES Screener Intraday and EOD (Classical/Hidden Rsi, MFI, CCI, Macd, WilliamR,Obv)

EOD Patterns and Divergences


Intraday ,EOD - Patterns and Divergence

OPTIONS Module : 50+ Ready Made Option Strategies, Custom Options Strategy Builder, PCR, Option Pain , Live Options Greeks Calculator, Live Options Strategy Price Projector,Options Payoff Diagrams, Live Option Charts (Intraday/EOD), Live Implied Volatility(IV) and Historical IV Charts Included Included
ICHIMOKU, Supertrend, Fractal, Heikin Ashi, Camarilla Pivots : Advance charts Included Included
Multi Time Frame Screeners on ICHIMOKU, Supertrend, Bollinger Bands, ADX, MACD Included
STRATEGY LABS :Create Trading Strategies/Systems , Backtest and Optimise EOD Trading Strategies / Systems over Historical Data. Receive Buy/Sell Alerts on sms/email/web for your Live Strategies Included

Trading Systems - EOD Candle
Backtesting Period - 5 years data for yearly subscription, 1 year data for monthly subscription


Trading Systems -5/15/30/60/ mins ,EOD Candle
Backtesting Period - 500 Ticks
2 IntraDay Strategies can be Live

CUSTOM CODING :Custom Indicator(s) and Strategies Coding

Charged Extra


For Yearly Subscribers ,2 Custom Code Support Included.

Packages and Price Points. (Inclusive of Software, Data and Service Tax)
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12 Months
Rs 5900 Rs 11880 (Save 50%) ***
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Rs 11900 Rs 23880 (Save 50%) ***
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Rs 20900 Rs 41880(Save 50%) ***
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You can make the payment by :Cheque or NEFT Transfer

The subscriber should send an email to after making the payment. After receipt of payment and confirmation of the subscriber, the services will start. The amount will be refund, if the subscriber has not accepted.

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