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RealTime Screener (Day Tick/Candle)

FinanceGuru Real Time Screener (Day Tick) runs on 1 Day Candle in Real Time, it filters out stocks after scanning all the stocks traded on NSE stocks and supports all the major technical indicators computed on daily basis and updates them on real time basis within market hours. For 5/15/30/60 min candle Try Live IntraDay Stock Screener now!!!

You can also SAVE and configure your screener to receive buy/sell alerts on your mobile and email.

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Realtime update for 1 day tick, Data Last Received at: 23/05/2017 15:35:00
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Tick Type Sector Stocks 52 Week High 52 Week Low
Relative Volume (20 Day Avg) Change from last tick(%) LTP from EMA5(%) LTP from EMA12(%) LTP from EMA20(%)
LTP from EMA50(%) LTP from EMA200(%) Moving Averages RSI ADX
Mfi William %R Bollinger Band(%) Price Vs BBand Cci 20
Macd Center Line Macd Signal Line PSar Technical Score Swing Move
Price Spike (Last 5 min) Volume Spike (Last 5 min) Support/Resistance (Pivot) Tech Meter Open Interest(OI)
Plus/Minus DI High/Low Analysis Stock Price Candle type Day Volume
Gap Up Down Analysis Stoch (14,3,3) Market Cap FractalNEW Super TrendNEW
CandleStick PatternsNEW Price - VWAPNEW LTP Analysis Prev. Day CS Patterns Prev. Day Divergence
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As on: 23/05/2017 15:55:00
Stocks Volume (In Millions) 52 Week
Nifty 9386.15
Bank Nifty 0.0
Advanced: 215 Declined:1211 182.0Volume of Stocks Price Moving Upwards 1210.16Volume of Stocks Price Moving Downwards Highs: 17 Lows: 77
-52.43 -0.56%
0 0.0%