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Historical Nifty Advance Decline Chart

The NSE Advance and Decline has been one of the popular tools in measuring the breadth of the broad market. Advance and Decline Ratio is a cumulative sum of the daily differences between the number of scrips advancing(scrips closing in green) and the number of stocks declining(scrips closing in red).
As on: 24/05/2017 13:25:00
Stocks Volume (In Millions) 52 Week
Nifty 9355.2
Bank Nifty 0.0
Advanced: 261 Declined:1144 129.78Volume of Stocks Price Moving Upwards 730.76Volume of Stocks Price Moving Downwards Highs: 9 Lows: 62
-30.97 -0.33%
0 0.0%

Historical NSE Advance Decline Ratio Chart


The TRIN, the TRader's INdex or Arms index, is a short-term technical analysis stock market trading indicator. The name is short for TRading INdex. The Arms Index is a volatile breadth indicator that can be used to generate overbought and oversold signals. It is preferable to trade in the direction of the underlying trend (major trend can be derived from the slope of 100 or 200 day moving averages). Short-term traders can use the unadulterated Arms Index to generate short-term signals. A 10-day SMA can be applied to generate more medium-term signals. The Arms Index is just one indicator and chartists should employ other ascpects of technical analysis to confirm or refute signals generated.

Nse Advance Decline Line Chart (AD Line Chart)

Historical NSE Advances V/s Declines