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Fundamental Screener / Fundamental Indicators

Stock Fundamental Screener for Indian Markets: Choose the fundamental indicators from the below fundamental screener to narrow down the search results. Multiple Fundamental Indicators can be selected to refine the search results.
You can also SAVE your Screening queries for future reference. Upgrade your account to get automated SMS and email alerts for the scrips (My Watchlist) which meets your screening options.
Select your screening options and click on Save Screener.

Select from your saved screener(s)           *Custom Code has been enabled for the screener.     #FinanceGuru assigned screeners.

Sector Market Cap PE PEG Qtr.EPS Growth
Quarterly GPM Quarterly OPM Quarterly NPM Dividend Yield P/B
Increase In GPM Increase In OPM Increase In NPM Public Share Hold. Pledged Shares(%)
PAT Growth(Prev. Qtr) PAT Growth(YOY Same Qtr.) Sales Growth(Prev. Qtr) Sales Growth(YOY Same Qtr.) Qtr. Sales
Gross Profit Turn Around Net Profit Turn Around
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