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Our fundamental investment advisory is also timed well to maximise your returns; and our technical advisory keeps track of fundamentals so that you are not caught off-guard by sudden developments leading to sharp trend reversals.

This combination is UNIQUE!!!

Why do you need both Fundamental and Technical Advisory in one?

Fundamental investment is for those who want to invest and forget - This strategy will generate good returns in the following scenarios:

  1. The stock is fundamentally good one to begin with. This can be done with good research and advice.
  2. The stock market remains bullish over the investment period. This will not be the case over a long term.
  3. The company continues to perform well quarter after quarter, year after year - This is usually not the case.
  4. If you only rely on technical trading, you can be exposed to false and short term which may reverse sharply eroding your investment.

You may have heard of this already. If you want more specific information on above, write to us.

With our Fundamentech investment advisory, we aim to maximise your profits while containing the possible losses.

What do you get?

  1. NiftyBeat™: An update on expected trend in Nifty showing support-resistance with pivots and anticipated movements and a probable trade plan calculated through our custom-made indicators. This which will be posted before the trading hours and will come 10 to 15 times a month. Sometimes, you will get these within trading hours too.

    Use NiftyBeat to decide if to trade in Nifty or relatedopportunities.

  2. F&O Caller™: you will get
    1. 4-5 Trading Calls per month verified through our Fundamentech System.
    2. Target Returns: 5-20%
    3. Time Horizon: 1-3 Months
    4. Risk : Reward :: 1 : 3 or Better
    5. Universe: NSEF&O Group

  3. Fundamentech™ Investment Ideas :
    1. 10-15 Investment Ideas in a year
    2. Target Returns: 25-50%
    3. Time Horizon: 6-18 Months
    4. Risk : Reward :: 1:4 or Better
    5. Universe: CNX 500

  4. Investip™: You will get potentialmulti-bagger Ideas identified through our Investip technology and research.:
    1. 4-8 Investment Ideas in a year
    2. Target Returns: 50-100%
    3. Time Horizon: 12-30 Months
    4. Risk : Reward: 1:4 or Better
    5. Universe: All listed companies.

    We will also advise the time, price of entry and if and when you should exit based on news or quarterly results or other relevant developments. This is the unique advantage.

  5. IdeaCheck™: You get a unique service that will help you learn and earn at the same time. We will cross check your investment ideasusing our Fundamentech™ methodology that uses fundamental and technical analysis on a stock identified by you. You can send one stock idea to us for IdeaCheck™ every 3 months as long as you are a premium subscriber.

Grow your money with right trading and investment decisions based on solid analysis tools and advisory.

Write to Finance Guru Advisors at to know further and if you are interested in subscribing to Advisory Services. Finance Guru Advisory Services are by invitation only.