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About Us

Vijay Shankar Sharma who is an all India rank holder Chartered Accountant, ADP from Wharton Business School and currently doing MBA from Indian School of Business has, along with his associates launched Businesspro Expert Solutions Pvt Limited and Finance Guru Advisors to provide a range of stock market related services and management consultancy. Vijay has nearly 24 years experience of working in various Industries and companies in several top level positions including CFO, Sales and Marketing Head and CEO. He knows what makes a good company ND what doesn't. Vijay founded Businesspro Expert Solutions Pvt Limited to advise others how they can truly enhance shareholder value and Finance Guru Advisors to advise current and potential investors how to spot right investment and trading opportunities. He advises spending time to know the tricks of stock market and getting credible and knowledgeable advisors so that you can take the right steps to make money in stock market. Remember you have a choice to work for a company or you can make a several companies having growth potential in their business and stock price; and their management teams and promoters work for you. Which one looks better? Of course you can do both until you are able to do the second. Besides, this will be the only skill you can keep using after retirement from anywhere.

If this sounds good, would you agree that spending a few days to a few weeks in learning stock market from experts and available tools is a good idea?

We are Stock Market experts with unique offerings to serve millions of existing stock market investors who are not properly informed, miss informed or have certain misgivings about individual Stocks or the whole Stock market a d those that are scared and keep away from Stocks for reasons including that they burnt their fingers in the past, someone else burnt his fingers in the past or it is too complicated to know good from bad. is a unique service that combines unprecedented range of free and premium data and analysis tools for stocks and Finance Guru Advisory services for expert recommendations that uniquely combines fundamental and technical analysis for each recommendation.

Some of the points of FGA philosophy of playing stock markets are:

  1. No one can afford to ignore stock markets and must have some exposure.
  2. You must spend some time to learn stock market investment options given that you spend decades in doing your studies and training. It is no excuse saying 'stock markets are too tricky' or the like.
  3. There is no one single factor that determines what is good and bad. Moreover, a 'good' stock may not be good at certain price or certain time and vice versa for a 'bad' stock.
  4. "Invest it and forget it?" is not a good strategy 99% of the time.
  5. If you know certain tools which provides and the right advise which FGA provides, you can reduce your risk and losses and significantly enhance gains.
  6. Do not rely on 'tips' or advise from any source unless you trust the advice giver and you have paid for it. Good advice is worth paying for. We all receive emails from popular website that compiles dozens of 'top' broker recommendations. We have often seen that over 75% of Buy recommendations should be actually 'Sell' at that time and price they are given and the reverse is true for 'Sell' recommendations. This can be easily shown using tools available on www.Finance.Guru.

Please check the following pages to know more about its products and services:

Subscription To Data & Tools - Provides subscription details of the data and analysis tools available. A mind boggling array of tools is available. To name just a few tools and techniques, you can identify stocks that are right at present to buy or sell. You can create right Option trading strategies to limit your risk and maximise your gains. You can even test your strategies on the past data of any stock to know if you have mastered the technique. If you believe you have the right strategy, you can then use it to identify stocks in future! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Finance Guru Data and Analysis Packages are open to free or paid subscription. Please register under free subscription and see if you would like premium data and Tools services.

About Finanace Guru Advisory | Advisory Package Details | Subscribe to Advisory Finance Guru Advisory subscription is by invitation only. If you are interested or know someone who may be, please write to to know if and when the subscription is open.

To know more, get a free demo, receive a free ebook and win deals on various subscription packages, or to provide referrals, please write to