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Finance.Guru advisory services helps you identify, the right investment opportunity early and helps you grow your investments. We do a constant handholding by advising Buy/Sell/Hold to maximise your gains while minimising risks.

You can work for a company or you can make the promoters, and management of a portfolio of companies work for you. Of course you can do both. What you would like to do.

Take this survey to know the investment habits of many others who have also taken the survey. It is not surprising that:

  1. Most people, irrespective of their education or experience level, have a lot of misgivings about the stock market.
  2. Most people shy away partially or totally from the stock market.
  3. Most people do not make their money work for them as hard as they should.
  4. Most people who do invest in stock market rely on 'tips' from people and sources which are unreliable or even suspect.
  5. Most people spend 20 years or more studying to enable them to earn a living for themselves and their families. However, they shrug away from investing a few weeks' time to get knowledge to enable them to invest smartly and make money while they are working or even after retirement. Isn't that surprising?

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About Finance Guru Advisory

Finance.Guru advisory services are provided by one of the most qualified and experienced team and the only one that users fundamental and technical investment proprietary and unique system Fundamentech.

Vijay Shankar Sharma

Vijay Shankar Sharma is a rank holder Chartered Accountant, has completed ADP from Wharton Business School and is pursuing Executive MBA from Indian School of Business. He has worked for over 2 decades in several multinational companies including as CFO and CEO. He has the required knowledge and experience to spot good and not so good companies early.

Vijay has a track record of generating super normal returns from stock market based on identifying fundamentally good value investment opportunities. He knows what global or Indian developments will affect the stock market or specific companies. Since Vijay has handled almost all corporate functions himself, he knows what are the levers that make a company perform better or worse than its peers. This helps spot winners early for investment and staying away from potential losers.

He believes that with the right research, ability to separate wheat from the chaff, persistence and continuous monitoring, everyone can generate super returns and make their savings work as hard as they do.

Vijay present a unique combination of Fundamental and Technical advisory at the same time. This is a combination which one does not find elsewhere. The proprietary system of screening both long and short term investment opportunities is called Fundamentech™


Mr Amit Singal, Former IT Head of Eicher Motors and presently and entrepreneur, an avid investor and Executive MBA (PGPMax) student of Indian School of Business "I wish I fully believed and acted on the advice I got from FGA. On 8th February 2015, the report showed that a stock's share price would rise by 40% in about 30 days. What he showed has come true. The stock achieved its target of 40% increase in just 15 days. I have now subscribed to Finance Guru and they showed me using tools, how some of the tips I received from other sources were wrong and how I can enhance my investment / trading decisions using tools available in"

Write to Finance Guru Advisors at to know further and if you are interested in subscribing to Advisory Services. Finance Guru Advisory Services are by invitation only.