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Quote & Analysis F & O Analysis - Stock Market to Your Advantage

We help you Invest or Trade like an Expert and Invest like a Pro

Finance.Guru is a unique website that provides stock recommendations for Investors and Traders. These recommendations are generated by SEBI approved Research Analyst using proprietary software and algorithms which are proven to be correct upto 85% of the time and can generate huge returns. Watch our youtube channel for some videos of the backtesting results on real stock data.

For informed traders, investors and those who want to learn more, Finance.Guru offers unique and advanced library of news, data tools that even most other biggest brokers and finance/stock market sites do not provide. Our advanced tools and Finance Guru Advisory services help you make intelligent decisions in stock market. You can spot the right opportunities to make money whether it's a Bull or Bear Market. Subscribe to advisory

Powerful Analysis Tools

Don't take emotional decisions with your money anymore. Use our advanced tools to reduce Trading Stress.

You can also choose to rely on Finance Guru Advisory and use our tools to track your investments in every possible way.

We use our unique Fundamentech techniques to check our fundamental calls technically and technical calls fundamentally to advise stocks that are both technically and fundamentally right to invest.

Options Module

50+ Ready Made Option Strategies, PCR, Option Pain, IV charts, Live Options Greeks Calculator.

Investip Use our multi-bagger investment advisory service if you are the "Invest it, Forget it and Be Happily Surprised" type.

Head & Shoulder, Double/Triple, Top/Bottom,Classical & Hidden Divergences.

Custom Coding / Requirements

Discuss your screeners and Algo trade requirement and leave rest to our domain expert programmers.

Automated buy/sell signals

Get buy/sell signals of our backtested strategies running for different timeframes and tailor made for different risk profiles.

Powerful & Customisable Technical & Fundamental Screeners

  • Powerful & Customisable Technical & Fundamental Screeners Reduces your trading stress and effort by offering dynamic action oriented trading signals
  • All screeners equipped with SMS/Email/Web alerts
  • You can also Opt for Customised Screeners with Customised Parameters and Customised Alerts. View more

Powerful Real time Options Strategy Tools

  • Learn the Power of Technical Analysis and Options Strategies
  • Option Pain & Option Put-Call Ratio(PCR) Charts & Put-Call OI Charts
  • Option Premium Calculator and Option Strategy Premium Forecasting Calculator. View more

Powerful Back-testing & Algorithmic Strategy Building tools - EOD and Intraday

  • Get our Powerful "StrategyLabs" - the Strategy Engine to configure various kinds of Trading Systems
  • Get your Trading signals for entry, and also track them till exit
  • Get back tested Reports - Stock-Wise, Date-Wise, Trade by Trade. View more

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If you are impressed, like millions of other traders and investors, with the range of data and analytical tools available in Finance Guru that will take the assumptions and emotions out of your decisions and equip you to make money from the stock market no matter in which direction the market goes, subscribe now.

Subscribe to Finance Guru Advisory Services

If you want to rely, like thousands of others, on our proprietary and proven industry, technical and fundamental analysts to provide you to right advice so you can make great returns and track your investments and see them grow or using our tools. Click "Finance Guru Advisory"to know more or if you are convinced, subscribe now. (Subscription to our advisory services is by invitation only and we have the right not to accept any subscriptions).